Welcome to Srikaram

Originally, the chip of Agarwood was known as ‘Agarbatti’. The idea of Agarbatties was conceived hundreds of years back. Prior to Agarbatties, mixtures of different types of fragrant herbs were sprinkled on burning charcoal to spread the aroma. It was then that the inspiration of using bamboo and jigat to make convenient form of incense was born. It was conceived as a “Miniature Yagna”, that everyone can have access to in their own homes, replicating an offering to the Gods in the form of a traditional “Homa” or a “sacrificial fire”, with the attendant properties and good effects, and resulting benefits. Thus the elaborate and expensive protocol of a collective “Yagna” were dispensed with, and a new form of offering, the Incense Sticks, took its place.

  • Srikaram Dhoopsticks

    The much loved flowery fragrance of Srikaram Dhoopsticks and the oriental scent of sandalwood together make the Srikaram dhoop. Their extraordinary aroma is highly addictive. The smoke generated has a very pleasant fragrant which lifts your spirits.

    Srikaram Lillies

    The enthralling scent of Lillies, a little white flower is captivating in every sense of the word. The sweet fragrance of the tender white buds and blooming flowers has been enveloped in the Srikaram Lillies range of Srikaram agarbattis to create the most benign and beautiful experience for you.

    Srikaram Sandal

    A premium form of Sandal, the Sandal purifies the atmosphere around it, drives away all negative vibrations and turns a place into one of holiness where prayers can be offered. Srikaram Sandal Agarbatti brings to you the most pleasing fragrance of sandalwood in the form of superior quality incense sticks which are sure to provide the most calming experience ever.